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WILD BRAZIL Tour Operator specialise in Wildlife Tours, Nature Tours, Photographic Expeditions, Birding Tours in some of the most beautiful wild places of Brazil.

Our tours are designed to ensure an high quality service and a unique experience for the traveler. We provide basic and luxury accommodations in the best eco-lodges of Brazil. The tours are completely customizable at very competitive prices.

wild pantanal

Wild Pantanal is a branch of Wild Brazil based in Cuiabá for the organisation of the expeditions in the Northern Pantanal.

Why choose Wild Brazil


We have great experience in every location we propose in our website.


Our experience allow us to guarantee a perfect tour organization.

Custom Tours

The tours we propose on our websites are completely customizable. Ask us to organize your preferred itinerary!

Private Guiding

Our tours includes private guide, private transportations and private excursions.

Small groups

Besides the private tours we offers also fixed detarture tours, with groups limited to 6 people.

Photography skills

Our guides are trained to position the car/boat in the best place respect to the subject, the light and the photo composition.

Responsible tourism

Our tours are designed to minimize the impact to the environment and to the local population. Take only photographs, leave only footprints!!

Quick Answers

Our office offers quick, comprehensive and complete answers and documents!


Our goal is to ensure the best travel experience as possible to our guests and partners.



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