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WILD BRAZIL is an incoming Tour Operator specialized in Wildlife Tours, Nature Tours, Photographic Expeditions, Birding Tours and Photo Workshops in some of the most beautiful wild places of Brazil.

Our tours are designed to ensure an high quality service and a unique experience for the traveler.
We provide basic and luxury accommodations in the best eco-lodges of Brazil. The tours are completely customizable at very competitive prices.

In the last years we have organized expeditions for many groups of photographers, including workshops lead by professional photographers from National Geographic, Nikon School Travel and other renowned photographers.

Ensure to our guests the best wildlife experience and the best photographic opportunities.

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WILD PANTANAL is a WILD BRAZIL division based in Cuiabá and specialized in the organization of the tours in the Northern Pantanal.


All our guides are local. They know very well the areas where they grew up, and they have a long experience in wildlife tracking.

The photo expeditions are performed in order to satisfy the needs of the wildlife photographer. Early morning departures and late evening back to the lodge, to take advantage of the best light conditions. Guides with photography skills in order to position your car / boat in the best place respect to the subject, the light and the photo composition.

The shared groups are limited to maximum 8 people. Groups of birdwatchers are limited to 4-5 people.

Private guide and private car and boat in order to obtain the best photographic results.

We organize photographic tours and photo workshops lead by professional and renowned photographers.

The tours we propose on our websites are completely customizable. Ask us to organize your preferred itinerary!

Our office offers quick, comprehensive and complete answers and documents!

Our tours are designed to minimize the impact to the environment and to the local population.
Take only photographs, leave only footprints!!

Ask a quotation to check our prices!

We are looking forward to share with you the wonderful Wild Brazil!!




Founder & Owner
Photographic Guide

Ric is the founder of WILD BRAZIL and WILD PANTANAL. He's a wildlife photographer and a Nature enthusiast, in particular he loves the northern Pantanal where he has led many photo tours.
His photographic knowledge and skills are the base of the organization of the tours for photographers. Ric may guide photographers on-demand. He's the author of the websites and of the contained photographies.
Contact Ric for any information you need, and see his pictures:

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wild brazil - filipe pinotti


Customer Service

Filipe is passionate for travel and knows more than 10 countries so far. He studied Tourism at Universidade Estadual Paulista - Unesp, and did some researches and internships in natural protected areas. After that he worked many years in Hospitality and became an expert in customer service. Back to the wild, he will be in touch with clients and providers, making reservations and translating our guides, keeping your journey safe and very pleasant.
Contact Filipe:


marcos ardevino


Biologist | Photography Guide

Marcos was born and raised in the city of Cáceres in the northern Pantanal, and spent all his spare time surrounded by nature. Influenced by a childhood immersed in nature, Marcos made a natural progression to a degree in biology at the Federal University of Mato Grosso. He also had the opportunity to conclude a project about the biodiversity of reptiles and amphibians in the northern Pantanal. His interest in herpetology and understanding of natural systems was ever increasing until in 2010 he entered the post-graduate Management and Environmental Expertise Course, which allowed him to work with mitigation of impacts in an area of riparian vegetation. In 2011, Marcos was able to register for a Master's degree in Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation, where he worked with environmental variables influencing the biodiversity of amphibians. He concluded his tour guide course. His gentle nature and exceptional knowledge of The Pantanal ecosystems make him an asset on any tour!

douglas rocha


Biologist | Nature Guide

Nature Guide, Biologist, Master of Biodiversity's Ecology and Conservation. The Douglas's love for nature is a quality which was born with him. He studied Biological Sciences at the State University of North Rio (UENF). His science activities always were around ecology, his passion. During the college he studied plant ecology distribution at Atlantic Rain Forest area. Later he joined the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT) where graduate as a Master in Biodiversity's Ecology and Conservation. After his post-graduate he worked with researches projects (climate change), as English teacher and environmental consulter until his first trip as naturalist guide in 2013. That trip changed all to him when he discovered for sure what he wanted to do for his entire life. As a guide he loves to challenge himself in the search for animals as well always study more and more about their ecology, life history and physiology. The pleasure of share information and knowledge is also something present since his teacher time. Patience, positive feelings and always career a smile on his face are remarkable in this guide.

sergio pitamitz


Nature and Birding Guide

Chaco was born in the Pantanal and actually lives in Poconé.
He worked in the Pantanal as cowboy, then he decided to become a guide because he loves Nature and wildlife.
Chaco knows perfectly all the areas and the wildlife of the northern Pantanal.
Chaco is an excellent guide and driver, gentle and careful, exceptional knowlodge, great ability to identify and locate wildlife.



Nature and Birding Guide

Flavio was born and grew up in an indigenous tribe in the Amazon where he spent many time hunting for food using a bow and arrow. Actually he lives in the Pantanal where he is guiding for more then 1 years. Flavio knows perfectly all the areas of the northern Pantanal, all the animals and their behaviour. Flavio speaks fluent English, is gentle and careful, he has incredible knowledge and an exceptional ability to spot wildlife.



Nature Guide

Jon is an experienced guide working in the area for over 16 years. He knows the whole area of the Northern Pantanal as Pantaneiro native and son of local fishermen. He had chosen to become a guide because he loves Nature and to contribute to the preservation of its native land. He worked with schools, teaching respect for Nature and animals. He has excellent ability to identify and locate wildlife in the field. Expert driver and rider, ensuring total safety to the guests.



Nature Guide

Max was born and grew up in Poconé so he's a Pantaneiro native. He worked in the Pantanal as cowboy, then he begins to accompany tourists in the field showing them the local fauna, so he decided to learn English and become a guide. Today Max speaks fluent English and has a long experience guiding tourists from all the world and showing them the beauty of its native land. He is gentle, careful, patient and is a very good wildlife spotter.



Birding Guide

Demis is a birdwatching guide since 2012, he lives in the Atlantic Forest of Southeast of Brazil. He guides groups of birdwatchers in some of the most interesting places of the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, such as the "Serra da Mantiqueira" and the "Serra do Mar" State Parks. He has excellent ability to identify and locate the birds in the field. He's particularly attentive to the animal behaviours, in order to avoid to stress them during the observation and the photography. Since he has photographic knowledges, his primary attention is to guarantee to the guest to take best photography as possible and to have the best view of the subject.

other guides


Nature Guide - Birding Guide
Biologist Guide - Photography Guide

We select other experienced freelance guides, depending on the skills and on the spoken language required by the customer.
Since we are attentive to a sustainable tourism, we just provide local guides. We can organize Photo Tours lead by a professional photographers together with a local guide. Ask us information!


Company registrations at the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism

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cadastur wild brazil
cadastur wild brazil


My trip to The Pantanal
Mike Willis Photography Blog

I'm back from a roughly one-week trip to the Pantanal region in Brazil, in early July of 2016. I booked the trip through www.WildPantanal.com. I researched several Pantanal tour/safari companies while planning the trip. While many looked good, I particularly liked that Wild Pantanal was able to work with my travel schedule. Most other companies had pre-scheduled tours which I could join. That's a bit different than what I was used to after two safaris in Africa, where you generally show up and leave according to your own schedule. Wild Pantanal was able to arrange my tour according to my own travel dates, which was very important to me since I usually only take short vacations. I did see several scheduled tours on their website as well, and I would have been happy to join them, but none of them fit my travel dates...

Read the complete review of Mike with useful suggestions for travelers and check out his photo gallery:


Ann Marie Powers - Canada

This tour to the Pantanal is well worth it. While it is a bit out of the way, you won't be disappointed. The wildlife is outstanding, the days are filled with awe and wonder, and the guides/drivers we had from wild pantanal.com were the best guides I've ever had for any trip. Flavio and Jon were personable, knowledgable, had a good sense of humour and willing to accommodate us in any way they possibly could. I highly recommend their service. They are punctual, professional and truly made the visit to the Pantanal a memorable one. I am not a wildlife photographer, but ended up with some of the best pictures I've ever taken. Don't miss it! It was the best 2 1/2 days of my trip to Brazil and had I known how beautiful it was, I would have re-arranged my trip to stay longer....We stayed at one of the Lodges off the road once in the reserve, the Rio Claro, and it was a great location: rooms are basic but clean and comfortable and meals were great--something for everyone. All the staff here were welcoming, too.If you want to take trip that you will remember for years to come, go here....and book it with Ric from Wild Pantanal.com

Anke Kessler - Canada

This was my first visit to the Pantanal and it was a fantastic experience. The diversity of wildlife is incredible and the scenery is beautiful. We had seven separate sightings of jaguars in the wild, plus giant otters, capybara, caiman, and innumerable birds. All under the expert guidance of our guide Chaco, who was very knowledgeable, friendly, and made sure we enjoyed our trip. Also really liked the accommodation in the house boat. The rooms are basic but comfortable, and the food very tasty. No issue at all that I was traveling solo. I joined a small group and did not pay extra for the accommodation etc. Could not recommend Wild Pantanal Tours more.


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